COMELEC Gun Ban Exemption Status

January 23, 2013


To Our Fellow PPSA Sportsmen: 

This is in light of the recent “uproar” among our sports shooting community with  regard to the issue of exemption from the COMELEC Gun Ban for PPSA members particularly for the upcoming AUSTRALASIA SHOOT in New Zealand from Feb 26- March 3, 2013. It has now come to the point where our fellow shooters have allowed their impatience and skepticism to cloud their better judgment and pitch comments that are sometimes uncalled for.

 Among the concerns and comments raised in various forums in the Net are: 1) the so-called “inaction” of the PPSA leadership/management and 2) the improbability of PPSA members obtaining exemption due to their non-inclusion in the published COMELEC resolution listing the approved exemptions.

 Firstly, as a matter of record, the PPSA leadership and staff have done and are doing all actions necessary to obtain the needed exemption for its members. The PPSA has promptly filed the request for exemption on December 19, 2012 which was received by the COMELEC on December 21, 2012. Likewise, the PPSA Secretary General and staff have also sought an audience earlier with the CBSF Chairman, Commissioner Elyas Yusoph on December 21, 2012 regarding the PPSA’s request for exemption.  Presently, they are still coordinating with the COMELEC as regards the matter and related issues. 

 Secondly, as early as the said audience with the COMELEC Commissioner on November 29, 2012, the PPSA’s request for general exemption alongside uniformed government agencies was denied, yet at the same time, Commissioner Yusoph has expressly stated that the PPSA’s request shall be treated as a special case due to the unique nature of the PPSA’s undertakings. Expectedly, while the PPSA is not in the list of agencies/entities approved for exemption by the COMELEC, our request is undergoing the usual process just like His Excellency, President PNoy’s request is going through the same process. His Excellency, The President, is awaiting results for his request just as the PPSA is.

 Our fellow PPSA members’ comments further muddle the issue with talk of requirements which allegedly our organization is unaware of, or has not complied, but the basic and ONLY requirement the COMELEC needs is our request, which the PPSA Secretary General has earlier filed with the Commission. To pre-empt unnecessary delays in the bureaucratic process, the list of PPSA members and likewise the schedule of PPSA-sanctioned shoots and their venues have also been provided to the COMELEC relative to the request for gun ban exemptions during competitions. All these have been filed through the PPSA’s PNP-Liaison Officer together with the FEO’s request/endorsement for COMELEC Clearance.

 What’s left now is for us members to allow the process to take its course. It does not help to incite confusion among our members about the issue. It does not help to exchange acerbic remarks which criticize even the very same people who are doing the leg work for our organization’s benefit. And it does not help to convey irritability at the slow process by demeaning our fellow members. The process may be slow, and somebody used to throwing their weight around, or their money, may find it unnerving. But it’s not something you could speed up by throwing insults or money or influence by power play.

 As shooters, we always demand and live for speed—“Celeritas”. This time, the situation simply calls for our patience. At this point in our organization’s pursuits, I would hope that isn’t too much to ask. Or hope for.

 A little display of good-natured calmness, fellow sporters. Let’s not take out the fun. Let’s do it Facebook style and simply “Share” it.




Police Superintendent
PPSA Liaison for PNP/Military Affairs






Reminder: Even those who only want to have a slot to the 2013 Australasia and do not intend

to qualify to the Team would need to signify their intention to join the qualifier matches

so that their scores can be tracked. Slots will not be sold. They will be awarded down the line

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